Thursday, February 12, 2009

What you see driving home.

Last week while driving home from work and picking up my wife from shopping, I drove down a side street to go another way home. That is when we spotted this blimp. It was called photo blimp and i did a search on the Internet but didn't come up with a local company. I'm assuming that is it to take pictures of houses from the air. If you know anything about this comment on the blog and let us know.
The guy had a neat little trailer for the blimp too. You can see that He just puts it into the trailer ready to fly when he lets it out. Ok that's what I saw driving home. I used my cellphone to take this picture. A handy option to have you never know what you will see when your out and about.

I use to go to a website that posted pics from cell phones only. Here is the link ,
check it out and see if you can see any pics by me.

ok till later

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