Friday, February 13, 2009

Comments How fast?

Well this post is to try and spark some comments on the blog. The start will be 830pm on Friday to see how fast it will take for someone to post a comment. Come on you be first. Lets see who wins and how many can be posted in a 24 hr period. I will try this again next month to see if this works in getting a few more comments on the blog. I would like to see it become a little more interactive.

Ok go post now. see you later


Petrea said...

I win! What do I get?

Ah. Satisfaction is enough.

postie said...

yes you win. sorry no prize . Just trying to get my readers to comment more and to get some of them to start. thanks for dropping by and reading.

Petrea said...

Not everyone wants to comment. Some people just like to read. If you'd like to talk about ideas for getting traffic/commenters on your blog, email me.

Katney said...

Well, Postie, I was out of town on Friday and Saturday or I might have gotten in on your 24 hours. I figure this might be a good place to answer your question about Odd Shots.

All you have to do is post a picture the you have taken that is odd in some way. Link on my Odd
Shot post so others can find it, and link to my blog on your post so your visitors will know where to look for other Odd Shots. It's fun to follow the links. You never know what people are going to find--that's why my camera is always in my pocket or purse.

It may be something unusual like the blimp, or something taken at an odd angle. Anything that simply strikes you as odd in some way. Some Odd Shots are odder than others.

There are a couple of different Odd Shot logos that you can use, too, if you want to--the camera that you see in my sidebar or the Oddshot Wordle I used today.

I keep a blogroll of participants, but it is only updated every few weeks. All the details can always be found by clicking the Odd Shots camera in my sidebar.

I'll watch for an odd shot from you sometime soon.