Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Glass in the walls

I was listening to a radio show today that I recorded. It was a local show about the history of Victoria. This one was about archeology in Victoria. Well it was very interesting and a couple things caught my interest. The first was they were renovating the Ross Bay Villa , a house from the turn of the century. And they found in two walls a bunch of glass stuffed in the hollow between the interior and the exterior. The interesting thing they discovered was around that time it was used as a buffer to stop fires. The chimneys got lots of cracks in them and a lot of times sparks would shoot out and connect with the wood and start fires. Well with the glass it would just burn its self out in the glass and no harm.

The other thing was a little piece of paper that was found in the glass . It only contained a handful of words and one of them was Lincoln. Well they did their research and it was from a magazine from the week before President Lincoln was assassinated.

Its amazing what they find and things we don't think of .......till next time.

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