Monday, February 23, 2009

first odd shot

Well my first attempt at the odd shot links. This is where on Monday I will try to post a odd shot of a picture and then link you to other blogs of odd shots. Not sure if this is that odd but just a pic from the moment on my desk. This is my xm satellite radio. I use this at home , in the car, and also on my mail route when I'm working. It has 170 stations that come in crystal clear. Music, news, talk , and sports. I love the sports but listen to music in my car and at home. Also has the ability to record up to 5 hrs at a time. I take this in as i record NHL, MLB , and college basketball and then listen at my convenience. All this for about 12 dollars a month.

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Well thats it for now


Katney said...

You got it figured out. Way to go.

Odd is sometimes in the mind of the beholder, and what is odd to one mya be even odder to another. Think how odd this would have seemed to our parents and grandparents who listened roughly to a crystal set radio--that hit me: when you used the word crystal, I immediately thoguht of the cyrstal set. That was odd in itself.

Welcome to Odd Shots.

Hilda said...

I've never seen the gadget before, but it sure sounds cool! Welcome to Odd Shots Monday!