Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Test driving

I was at the library today and was browsing. I came across a book that captured my attention. It was called Test Driving Linux (From windows to linux in 60 seconds).

Basically from what I have read its a way to try out the linux operating system on your computer without having to install the system and make all kind of decisions on your hard drive and then not like what its like. It will run from the disk enclosed. Has it's limits this way as in speed and saving anything would have to go to a usb drive. And it could be taken with you and used on any computer that you had access to.

So I am going to try it out in the next few days and hopefully on Thursday the 26th I plan to do my blog posting using it. So if you don't see anything on the 26 or 27 I had problems. If you don't see any postings for a while it means I had major problems . But saying this I don't expect to have any problems. Well time will tell. see you on the 26 th I hope.

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Katney said...

Well, I have a friend who works in IT who swears by Linux. Not sure if that is an indicator that it is better than something else or that it takes an IT to understand it.