Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pit stop

Well had a nice surprise the other day at work. As you know I work as a mailman, and at times trying to find a place to pee is difficult. As you have to know where the bathrooms are on your route and know how long you have till the next one. Unless you can find a bush somewhere. But on my route there is not many bushes.
Well about half way thru my route, There is some newly road construction with them putting in new water mains. They have brought in a Porta-Potty. And they have located it right next to my relay box that I collect mail out of twice on my route. Now I can use this also along with the workers. I hope they take a long time to finish the job they are doing . And also I hope they forget when they leave to take the Porta-Potty with them. But I'm sure all good things come to an end. Anyway I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Catch you next time

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wml said...

Okay...never gave much thought to Porta Potty as a good thing, but I guess I am spoiled working in an office. Glad you have new the bushes are too!