Monday, February 16, 2009

NHL 3 pt games

Well had this discussion with someone today. Should the NHL allow the 3 pt games to continue. If you don't know what I mean , here is what it is all about. When the game is tied after the regulation 3 periods, both teams get a single point. Then they play five minutes 4 on 4 overtime, followed by a 3 player shootout. The shootout continues with more shooters till someone finally wins. The winning team gets a second point. So its one point for the loser and two points for the winner.

The one side is that no other league gives a point to the losing team. It also creates standings that are jammed close together and teams play just well enough to get a single point and there fore rewarded for mediocrity.

The other side is the reason for the rule in the first place was to stop teams from playing for the tie and playing just dump it into safety. With 3 point games and points for losing we get a more balanced league where more teams are in the hunt for a playoff placement longer. After all you have to remember that people are paying big bucks to go to these games and If your like me I don't want to go home with no winner.

So I'm in favor of the status quo. I like the competition for playoff races and to make more games exciting. What do you think? Click on the comment below and argue for or against. You can even sit on the fence.

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Anonymous said...

well if you have to give points for lossing a game to keep the standing close I think something is wrong. If your going to give 3 points for a game then if you win a game in regulation time you should get 3 points.Thats why ado not follow the regular season only watch play offs Go Habs Go

wml said...

I think they should just play overtime till someone wins. Like the good old days. Every shot counted cuz any one could win the game. I remember sitting on the edge of my seat into a 2nd overtime period. Tense and fun at the same time.