Friday, February 6, 2009

Wearing someones face

Heard about a interesting t-shirt company today. Its called Joy Apparel. The concept is to make good quality shirts made in Canada out of quality fabric. And to have someone else's photo on it that is hand drawn. You select someone that already has sent a photo and the company has made a drawing . Then when you order your shirt with their picture on it you submit one of yourself for someone else to select. There are many scenarios here. Like a older person selecting a younger. A white person selecting a black person, you get the idea kind of make a new friend. Each persons pic has a very short 2 line bio about them and where they live.
I'm thinking about doing this and was gonna try and get someone on the other side of Canada . I'm on the west so some one from the east. Other than that not sure what else. Cost is $30. I believe. Check it out at

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wml said...

Odd concept. Do you get the persons email address or something so you can get to know them, or do you walk around with a stranger on your chest? I suppose when you really think about it, it is no weirder than wanting designer or celebrity names on everything. I mean, how many people who wear their clothes, actually know Ralph Lauren, Eddie Bauer, etc?