Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some times it too late

I was watching the Super bowl today and they had a small segment on Larry Fitzgerald before the game. He really loved his mom but while he was in college he had an argument with her and the two didn't talk for a few years. His mother got sick and his father told him to contact her soon. He said he would but delayed it and you guessed it she died before he could contact her.
He is now haunted by this daily he says. He talks about how selfish he was and that he was not a big enough man to swallow his pride and connect again and start the relationship again. He wishes he could redo that one again. His father said that his wife would have forgiven him in a minute if he contacted her. Now I'm sure there are more details but one thing that sticks out is a relationship never got repaired.

This just goes to show that when we have these things happen in our relationships that we need to find a way to repair them. Some times we need to be the one to do the work even if we feel its their job to contact us. Once the relationship is restored and after time it really doesn't matter who did the first move. The important thing was someone did.
If your in this position .... maybe its your move or not but maybe you can do the move.

Ok till next time.


Petrea said...

I thought - ah, football, who cares? But no. This is important, and a good post, Postie. It's hard to forgive. But if you can't do it for the other person, sometimes you have to do it for your own sake.

Benjamin Madison said...

Yep, good advice.

Cafe Pasadena said...

Many people are haunted by relationships unhealed.

We feel it sometimes when we come in contact with them.

raf said...

Well said, indeed! An excellent post with a valuable lesson and reminder. Thanks!