Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years off to a rocky start

Well In Oak Bay on New years day around 4am a barge/freighter lost power and ran ashore. It was right inbetween trial Island and Oak bay . right at the south end of Oak Bay golf course. We saw it on the news today and when we went out for a nice New Years walk we decided to check it out. Yes we were able to get close to see it but a few houses stopped us from getting two close. It came with in about 30 yds of one house and must have been a spectacular view if someone was looking out their window. Well a nice day today in Victoria , but just west in Langford we woke up to another couple of inches of wet snow. Ok enough.

Well all the best in the new year and hope it works out ok getting that barge off the rocks. I think they were hoping to get it off with a higher tide.

ok bye

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Benjamin Madison said...

Nice capture! And Happy New Year!
Sorry you're still getting snow out there in Langford. I hope ours is gone for good. I like it for about 3 days then I've had enough.