Thursday, January 8, 2009

What would you write ?

If any of you watched tonights BCS college football game between Oklahoma and Florida you would see the Florida QB wearing eyeblacks with the scripture John 3:16. He had John on one eyeblack then 3:16 on the other. He has in previous games Had Phil 4:13 . I will put links below so you can read these.
Another player had I luv U Mom, and ive seen lots of teams logos on them.
The question is what would you put on it and why.
As for Tim Teb0w the QB well he is a very devout Christian. He really believes in the Christ. He lives his way on the field and off of it with this belief. If you listen to the announcers you will get this feeling too. I heard them mention two things that tell me he walks the walk.
First they said that if you spend 5 min with him you will be a better person for that. Wow thats something for a 21 yr old young man.
The second thing they said was he has gone to a lot of mission works during his off time in the Phillipines and gone to prisons and orphaneges and schools to help out the disadvantaged.
So he is putting on what he believes and I believe that he believes

So what would you put on if you were going to wear eyeblacks in a sporting event. Gets you thinking. what would signify your life?

ok till next time. I believe

John 3:16

Phil 4:13

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