Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A canadian New years eve

Well after having worked hard this last few weeks. Now Christmas is past and now its new Years eve. What did we have planned. By all accounts not too much. We watched the Canada- US junior hockey game. what a barn burner. truly exciting and of course we won 7-4 but the last two goals into empty nets. Ordered Pizza during the game then after we watched a movie. It was called the visitor very interesting movie. And now im just sitting by the computer and typing this. 20 min till midnight here. Well thats it low keyed , Im not a big New years eve kinda guy. well Happy New year. and it will soon be 2009 and this is the year ive been waiting for. Oct. 30 my last day at work then freedom 55.

Ok thats it till next year

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wml said...

We must be getting old. I was at a friends mom's house (also watching the hockey game and a couple of movies - Mama Mia and Wall-e) and we decided to call it quits about 11:45. After going outside to find our cars white with yet more of that STUFF, and doing our best to wipe it off with it still coming we went. I was almost home when Auld Land Syne came on the radio so I sang along and brought in the New Year alone in my car. Actually enjoyed it. Just me, the radio and the rain (thankfully once I left WestShore the STUFF wasn't falling anymore)! And of course, The Lord who is always with me.
Have a Blessed and Happy, Healthy New Year everyone.