Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My MP3 Dilemma

Well Here is my delemma I have a mp3 that I listen to some talk shows or radio shows that I download off the Internet. Some times I want to listen to them in my car. But the problem is I don't have a aux jack on my radio to plug my mp3 into.

Trying to find a inexpensive way to do this is being more difficult than I thought. First I thought I would get a fm transmitter. But they seem to be cheaply made and are not strong enough to work without a lot of static. Or they are too expensive. Remember I only want to do this occasionally. I have a radio , cd player and satellite radio that I listen to mostly. The second was to install a aux jack from the back of my radio. I don't know how to do these kind of installation and by the time i get the parts pay for instillation its the price of a new radio. Which could set me back 200 -300 bucks. So now my search is for a small portable radio that has an aux jack in it. So far the search has been on more expensive radios but hoping to find cheaper ones. I'm looking not to spend over $50.. So if you know of an option around this price let me know. I have some portable speakers that I could use but they are not quite loud enough. Any way the search is still on. Wish me luck. Till next time


Anonymous said...

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wml said...

Don't even understand your problem. I have yet to get an MP3 or IPOD. I am really just getting used to CDs. Still like my LPs and 45s and even have some 78s. Oh, yeah, cassettes and 8-Tracks, too. Anyone under 25 has no idea what I am talking about I bet...anyway. If you are looking for something at a good price, try USED VICTORIA. That website has all sorts of stuff. Good luck.