Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well just a little something about some podcasts that I have been really getting into. The first one is one that my wife and son use to listen to alot but now I'm starting to listen to a lot. Its on CBC on Saturday mornings on CBC two at 10am. Its called Vinyl Cafe. Stuart McLean is a master story teller that leads you thru some of his stories or stories from listeners. Also he usually has some musical guests. If you haven't heard him before I recommend you listen you will enjoy it and I'm sure will want to hear more.
Here is his website or just listen on CBC two. http://www.cbc.ca/vinylcafe/home.php

The second is also with the vinyl theme. Its called Vinyl Tap with Randy Bachman of the "Guess Who" and " Bachman Turner Overdrive" fame.
He plays music with lots of in the know information that tells you how songs and their singers evolved. A very interesting thing to listen to if you are a fan of rock music , but be prepared to listen to all kinds of music as he tells the early roots of the big names of Rock. You can check it out on CBC one on Saturday nites 8pm . or check out his website here http://www.randysvinyltap.com/

Well hope you enjoy the vinyl tour , till next time

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