Friday, January 16, 2009

Highway saftey

Well with all the talk about the Malahat being dangerous to drive. My wife and I travelled it today and again tonight. With the fog, but with new lines painted and very clear we came to the conclusion that it is not at all unsafe. But it is safe , with good lines painted and people travelling at the posted speeds. What causes it to be unsafe is the excess speed of cars that are refusing to go the speed limit or just a touch over.

So what really is needed is enforcement. They are only travelling at that crazy speed is because they get away with it. If more were caught lots for speeding , whether with photo radar or radar cars, it would slow them down. So with clear lines and everyone travelling at the right speeds it is a pleasurable drive. So lets not just keep making it easy for them to drive fast but put our money into proper line painting, good repaving, and more enforcement. A lot less money than building more lanes so more cars can drive fast.

Well that's my rant for today. Agree, Disagree, what do you think.

till next time

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