Friday, January 23, 2009

Lunch at Cattle Point

Well got finished work early today so my wife and I gathered some lunch and headed to Oak Bay's Cattle Point and ate our lunch. We sat in the truck and had some mellow rock music on the radio and enjoyed the sites. Lots of birds, a odd boat, couple of seaplanes, a helicopter, some dogs. A couple of interesting things to watch was first a seagull that was so intent on bugging some ducks. It kept following them around and attacking them. To escape they had to dive under but when they came up he went after them again.
The second thing was this older fellow drove up in his van, got out and started throwing bread crumbs to the birds. Mostly the seagulls. Then he walked back to his van and got out a box of donuts. he dropped the donuts on the ground , then proceded to step on them to break them up and then threw them to the birds. He seemed to have done this before as he just did it then back to his van and off he drove. The pic is of him stepping on the donuts. click it to see it enlarged.

If you dont know why its called Cattle point. It where the Hudson Bay Company used to unload the cattle from the boats to take to the local farms.

ok till next time enjoy the sites

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wml said...

I used to have a "pet" seagull. He came to my office window every day and I gave him bits of my lunch. I called him Johnathan. It got so regular that if I worked past 11:00, my lunch time then, at 11:05, without fail, he would tap his beak against the glass asking for his lunch. Once in a while I would go to Cross's Meat Market (see how long ago this was!) and buy some fresh fish cakes and give Johnathan a real treat.
One day he was late. I opened the window and called him. Three heads popped in (co-workers). "She's NOT calling that bird is she?" one asked. "Yes, she is" another sighed. Johnathan showed up right then. "You see? He does know his name!" I gloated.
He got so tame I could actually pet his chest feathers. I really miss that bird.