Friday, January 2, 2009

Chinese hockey team wins despite problems

The Chinese atom b team in Ottawa for the bell cup. Won despite being forced out of thier hotel in downtown Ottawa. They had to leave so fast that they could not take their hockey equiptment . A local organizer helped get them enough equiptment to use to play and win in the semi-final game. Then fire fighters got their own equiptment to them in time for the final. Wow what an experience for 9-10 yr olds from China while in another foriegn country and culture. A feel good story for this early in the year. If you want to read more here is the link to the story.

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wml said...

Glad you posted the story...I was wondering why would anyone force a bunch of kids to leave a hotel room...what could they have done that was so bad? Looks like our scouts might be heading to China to look for some future NHLers.
Great of the Ottawa Firemen to get the equipment to the kids, too.