Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interesting timing photos

Interesting timing the photos that we see. I was reading the Times Colonist book on their first 150 yrs. And there was a picture of the first Gorge bridge here in Victoria. And then today I was looking at a blog I like to visit daily. It is called Victoria Daily Photo blog. They have some pics from the Gorge bridge today. So I thought I would scan the pic from the book for you to see the first one and then to try this link ..Victoria Daily Photo: Gorge Park
and see todays pics from the other blog.


Benjamin Madison said...

Thanks for posting this and for the link. It's a very interesting photo - that particular spot on the Gorge hasn't changed hardly at all although almost everything around it has changed.

oldgorgeguy said...

I remember this place well. I use to go up and down in my boat and dive off the bridge it was agreat place to swim in the 60"s.oldgorgeguy