Sunday, January 25, 2009

NHL all star game ????

Well the NHL all star game is as I write this in full swing. The reason I put the question marks on the heading is that I find all star games not games. I don't like to watch all star games normally in any sport. Or on that hand participate in all star games.

The reason is they are not games is because first the Players don't always want to be there, they don't care if they win , and they don't care if they lose. I also don't care if I watch them, don't care if one side wins or one side loses. It should be called a talent showcase but not a game. A game has the element of wanting to win and not wanting to lose.

I guess that's where I differ from some people how I watch any sport. I want to watch the game for the game itself. I don't really care sometimes who the stars are and if they are being successful or not. I want to see the element of the team rising to the challenge or not . I guess you could say , I could be just as happy watching a junior hockey game , a NHL game or even a little league baseball game. Its the game I want to watch the struggle not who's in it or not.

Any way let me know who won. And if you care who won.
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wml said...

I liked the NHL All-Star games back in the 70s when I was into hockey. It was the only time Anita and I liked the same team. After momths of yelling at each other over hockey games it was a nice change to come together and both be happy or worried at the same time. Who is your all time fave hockey player? Mine - Ken Dryden.