Monday, January 12, 2009

Cook st. eagle

On Jan. 1 my wife and I went for a walk and while we were near Beacon Hill park and cook st. we spotted a bald eagle up in the tree. It was nice to see one sitting there just checking everything out. It was there for about 20 min that we were there and seemed in no hurry to leave. It had a good vision of the shoreline so Im sure it was checking for food.

Now forward to today Jan 12. we were driving by the area and as I turned onto Cook st. from Dallas rd I commented to my wife if her bird was there. An yes she exclaimed it was. I got out and took this picture of it. Same place and enjoying the view too.

So if your driving or walking by Dallas rd and Cook st. look up into the Oak tree there and tell me if you see the eagle or not. please comment and let everyone that reads this blog know if its there.

Ok till next time

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Benjamin Madison said...

Nice! And thanks for the tip (and the kind words.)