Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HST ????

Being thinking about the HST tax here in BC lately.  Now I know you probably heard all the arguments about it for a long time now.  But Here is one that really bothers me.  Not the one that it was installed without us really having a say , or the Government lying about it before the election. The part that really bugs me , is that they said that when the tax is in , it will be cheaper for the companies to produce goods so they will pass the saving on to the consumer.   Well have you seen any cheaper prices because of the HST?   I certainly haven't.  
  I mean when has a business man selling a product and then it becomes cheaper to produce, lower his prices.  No he's in the mindset that he will get what ever price he can.  Let the market dictate.  So that's whats happening here,  no lower price, at least not till he starts losing business because his prices are too high.  And no one is buying.

What are your feelings?   leave a comment.   Oh and when I used he and his in my example, it could be she and hers.

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