Monday, November 22, 2010

Geeky Christmas Gifts

Well it's time for your Christmas shopping and where would you be without my geeky Christmas gift ideas.  Let me know if you buy any of these.  I probably wont but was interesting looking around and seeing these.

1.   The bubble wrap popping Calendar.  Remember how you love to pop bubble wrap. Now you can pop one every day.

2.  The Santa usb thumb drive.  transfer your files in the festive season.
 3.  The grass mat device charger.   Just throw your device into the charger and let it get up to charge
 4.   The Iphone fold up projector.   Show those youtube videos on the wall for everyone to see.
 5.   Rechargeable batteries with a different style .  They plug into the usb port of your computer to charge up
 6.   The melting clock.  Designed to look like the clock has been in a fire or intense heat and was warped.
7.   The Etch-a-Sketch   T shirt.   We all loved playing with this at Christmas time.
 8.   I Poo'd  T shirt.  This one is for the small child on your list.
 9.    Musical singing M & M's .   You have to have something musical at Christmas time.
 10.   The usb mini fridge.    Not sure what you can fit in it but I'm thinking a can of coke might fit.   That way you don't have to go to the kitchen to get that drink.
 Ok there you go your all set to go out there and shop.


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