Wednesday, December 8, 2010

After 25 years

Well after 25 years the neighbourhood changes.   I posted awhile back that we now have some sidewalks, garbage can, bus stop, and more street lights. Along with a 50plus small lot subdivision.  

 Well today another change in the neighbourhood. One of the original houses was knocked down to make room for another small subdivision I think.   It was a very nice big older home that had character written all over it.   Not exactly sure of the origin but when we moved in a older man named Mr. Grant lived in it.
  He lived there till about 5 yrs ago.  we use to chat with him regularly as we walked by his place.  And then he would talk with us as he passed us on his daily walk. 
When he moved we missed his presence but still had the old house to remind us of him.   

Now its gone.   So this post is a tribute to him and his house.    Mr Grant you and your house are gone but not forgotten in our memories.  God bless you.

Till later

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