Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good Again

This was once a very good Fish and Chip place.  It was run by three guys that did a great job.  It was known from all around Victoria that the best fish and chips (especially the Halibut) was from this Estevan ave location.

But about 2 yrs ago we arrived there to get some of those delicious fries and halibut and there were 3 new guys running the shop.  With signs saying new management.  But we gave it a try and I have to tell you it was very disappointing.  We were really disappointed as this was our favourite spot.  You see we liked to get our food and just drive 2 blocks to willows beach.  There we would enjoy the food along with the great sights.  In great sights I mean the ocean and the mountains, and the boats going by.  No not the bathing beauties!
Then to our surprise last year we were just walking by and it was really busy in the shop.  We looked in and one of the original 3 guys was working there.  We didn't stop then but today we went back and I have to say the quality was back to what it was before.  Good again.

Have you ever eaten there?  If not try it , And enjoy the food by the ocean.

Ok till later

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