Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meaning of the sign

Some times you get the wrong meaning of the sign.  Well on this one it says " Fairway Divorce".   

So does that mean it is just a process that is fairer to both sides, Or is it for the golfing community.  
Where the wife wants to divorce the husband for spending too much time on the fairway?   Well you figure it out and let me know.  Extra points for telling me where the sign is.

Catch you later

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Karen Stewart said...

Very funny. I am actually the founder and CEO of this franchise company and I love how you are a bit puzzled by the name. There is no accident in using "fairway" and the connotation of golf but I can say we strive to get to a fair resolution for both parties and then hopefully they still have enough money to spend on the fairway or on something else:))
Karen Stewart
PS - I am not sure what location this sign is from?