Sunday, December 12, 2010

And it rained !

Well the last 24 hours from Sat. morning to Sun morning it rained hard.  I do mean Hard.  I think it was like 100 mm of rain. So lots of flooding in the local area , with roads flooded, basements, and even storm drains and a few sewer overflows too.  

Well we even had our small flood here.  But no damage for us.  It was just in the back yard.  So far it didn't get into the shed yet. But if it continued it might have.   And then that flood from the back yard has to make its way thru the yard and down to the creek.  Of course that path is right by our driveway.  So luckily we had the ditch ready for the winter rains.    But yes that's a lot of water running by.

 Ok till next time

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