Friday, December 10, 2010

3 Thoughts

Three thoughts for you today.  As my day proceeded today I came across 3 thoughts of things I saw or encountered. 

Ok no. 1 ,   while walking on Dallas rd, we saw not one but four freighters plying the waters in front of us.  I always say when I see a freighter on the water here, All is well with the world. Commerce is moving. Well with 4 of them It must be going great today.

No. 2   ,  Again continuing on dallas rd we came by Harrison pond, Its the little duck pond that the model boat builders sail their boats on.  There was a garbage can with a number not just stuck on but screwed on , like it was meant to be there for a long time.  So the question that came to me was why the number.  Was it the 20th garbage can in the pickup schedule?  But the others along the way didn't have a number on them.  Maybe it was a check point for a marathon that was held a while ago.  If that's the case wouldn't a sticker be better then it could be removed later.  So help me out and give me some other ideas why.  You know how to tell me click on the comments section just below this post.

Ok no 3.    I went to the bank today to order more checks for our checking account.  It cost me $40 bucks for 100 checks.  Thats 40 cents a check.  I asked why the cost and said it wasn't long when we got checks free. The lady told me that no they have never been free.   Of course I corrected her and the lady next to her told her too.   Now the kicker,  I asked if I could have a couple of blank checks to use till my order got here.  No we don't carry blank checks anymore.  But I can give you a money order.  What.   repeat that again.     Lets see no more checks for just a fast payment.  I'm getting the feeling the bank doesn't want me to write checks anymore and to use debit instead.  Whats next they wont have any cash at the bank.

Ok till later

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Anonymous said...

Time to change banks..I don't pay for cheques at my bank..jim..yes nice blog