Saturday, December 11, 2010

In Search of 3D TV


Well CBC Hockey Night in Canada , tonight spent $300,000. to broadcast the Toronto Maple Leaf vs the Montreal Canadiens game in 3D.  So I thought I would go out and try a Electronic store like Best buy or Future Shop  and see what it looked like in 3D.

First I got to Best Buy just as the broadcast was starting. I found the 3D TVs and then when a sales person came by I asked if they could put the hockey game on.  Well after 3 sales people I finally got the answer, Sorry we don't have cable on the TVs.  Its only game boxes or dvds hooked up to them.    WHAT!!!!

Ok out of that store and I headed up to Future shop.  I got there and there was a TV labeled 3D and it was showing the hockey game. Only one other guy trying to watch it.   But I soon realized it was only in 2D.   The other guy said you wont believe it they are scrambling around to get the game in 3D.  I guess they knew it was on but just assumed they would just switch to the channel and get it.      
  After 15 min or so.  They finally realized that they had to phone the cable company Shaw, and find out where it was located.  And then they came back to us at the TV and said, Shaw is not giving the feed for it.   They said maybe next time. 

So let me get this straight ,  Its just before Christmas, and every store is gung ho on selling new TVs, And the Broadcast of the first hockey game is in 3D , and No one is prepared to get this on the TVs to show.   Wow unbelievable.   Not that I was going to buy a 3D TV .  But I wanted to witness the first one shown in 3d.

So I started to head home , when a salesperson said we can upgrade the 2D to 3D.  I said what?   He said anything broadcast in 2D can be upgraded by the TV to 3D.  Ok lets see.

Well I guess its not the same quality as the real 3D feed but I put the glasses on and watched about 5 min of hockey.  I was not impressed.  Yes it looked a bit 3d.  No one jumping out of the screen , and the players looked like they were floating a few inches above the ice.  The text was hard to read when they showed info on a player.   I could get very tired watching this 2D to 3D.  So I'm hoping that when they get the proper feed of 3D for a hockey game it looks a lot better than this upgraded look at 3d.    If not 3D will never catch on with hockey.  

I predict 3D will die out and Hd will be the only way for TVs to go with that improving over the years.

ok till next time.

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Anonymous said...

i liked the tv report .won't waste money on that!