Monday, November 1, 2010

Two different thoughts

Just a couple of thoughts I have had in the last few days.  

1.  Why as a city (Victoria) are we spending money for urinals after midnight so the drunks have a nice place to pee.  Yes I know it's better than them peeing in front of a business door.  But the people that do that will still do that urinal or no urinal.

 Also While these Urinals are being provided for this. We were in a park the other day and a little girl with her Grandmother were there. The little girl said, "Grandma I have to pee".  And what did Grandma say back.  " Let's go find a tree for you."  Now why cant we spend the money for a nice bathroom for the innocent little girl to pee at instead of the drunk?   Your views?

2.  There is a big push on cutting down bad hits in hockey games and other sports now that cause concussions.  So I ask you why if they don't want hits to the head , do they still allow fighting in hockey games?  
On the radio the other day it was even reported that a lot of players are getting concussions from these fights too.  So when is the NHL going to step up and ban the fighting from the game. Its banned from the Olympics, and world Jr tournaments and that is some great hockey. So why cant we ban it from our NHL and Stanley Cup playoffs?  

Your view?

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