Sunday, November 21, 2010


 Well Just got caught up with life after returning from Mexico. We were down there to celebrate my Son's wedding and It was a great time to be had by all.  Not a huge number of people but we had a great time getting along with family, friends, and Of course Our new Daughter in-law and her family.

I have added some pics to share with you of our trip.  Sorry I didn't have any of the Wedding as I was part of the Wedding party and not able to take any pics then.
 This is the view from the resort looking east toward the ocean.
 We took a cruise on a Sailing boat to see El Arco and to do some scuba diving.  Lunch was included too.

 This was the view of the pool from our room.  Spent lots of time in the pool.
 Outside the Post Office .  this is the mode of transportation for the Lettercarriers.
 City square with giant flag.  There was a celebration just around the corner for a Centennial .
 A female police officer directing traffic downtown San Jose del Cabo.  And every pic I took of her was interrupted by cars . Couldn't get a clear pic of her
 The pool again.  Nice to relax beside it when not in it.
 The beach out front of the resort
And last a night shot of town.  On the last night we were there we went and watch the celebrations and walked thru the arts section of town.  It was the weekly (thursday nite) arts night. All the art type shops were open till 9.

Well hope you enjoyed the pics.  click on them if you want to see the pics a bit bigger.

Ok till next time

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Benjamin Madison said...

With today's weather you should've stayed down there. Wow! It's COLD outside!