Saturday, December 6, 2008

Glue doesnt fix all

At our church we put out a small nativity scene in the foyer each Christmas. Well last year either putting it out in the morning or putting it back after the service(we have a rental theatre we use for our church) the baby Jesus fell and the head came off. I know at first this sounds bad and the person that dropped it felt really bad but accidents happen.
Well we forgot about it this year and when we put it out the head was still just sitting there loose. Well Bev decided to get some glue and put it back together. It is now complete again. But it got us thinking that everyone seems to expect at Christmas is to concentrate on the baby. But we thought about what if there was no baby anymore . It wasn't that God came to us in a baby that's the important thing , It is that He grew up and became the man Jesus who saved the world from sin by dying on the cross. I know we celebrate that on easter but its something we need to appreciate all year round and especially even at Christmas. When we think of the manger scene , lets remember that the baby there grew and then died for us to save us. Glue fixed the little baby in our scene but only God can fix us . As the bible says
Everyone that calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Merry Christmas. enjoy and celebrate , the baby grew up! Till next entry bye

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wml said...

Interesting timing. As I finished reading this blog, I looked over at my mantle where my Nativity set sits. I keep the Holy Family up year round as I like to celbrate the birth of our Saviour every day. The shepherd and wise men come out in December. Anyway, the manger was tipped sideways and baby Jesus was no where to be seen! Giza the cat was at it again. She knocked a small snow globe off, broken glass everwhere. Thankfully I got a small Christmas miracle. The baby Jesus survived the four foot drop to the hardwood floor without a scratch.
Have a blessed Christmas, and remember Him and His great sacrifice for us, every day of the year. wml