Friday, December 5, 2008

Something for free for Christmas

My wife and I were out and about town today doing our yearly day of Christmas shopping. I normally take a day off early in December and we spend the whole day Christmas shopping along with a nice lunch out and also a dinner.
Well all went well with lots of gifts bought and two enjoyable meals. The first was lunch at the Ogden point café at the breakwater. A great view and a nice calm day with boats passing by.
But as we went for a short drive after lunch that’s when we decided to check out something we read about a while ago. We drove to Clare st in Oak Bay and yes as the article said was a small glass door cupboard with two shelves filled with books for kids and adults. It is a community free library. What a great idea. The sign said leave a book and enjoy one. So I had a pocket book in the truck that I left and picked up one by Andy Rooney of sixty minutes fame. See in this day of expensive books and gifts, it is nice to see that there is still something worthwhile and exciting for free.
It is said that no one knows who put it up but its been there for quite a while. I’m sure only the person that did it knows and likes the idea of it being still kept a secret. Well that’s it for today, if you get a chance check it out. Clare st just off Oak Bay Ave.

ok catch you another day

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wml said...

What a cool idea...I have a few books I can donate...I will have to drive by and check it out. I am pleasantly surprised to see it looking so cute, with no vandalism or theft. Great to see. Thanks. wml