Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It doesn't get any better than this

Imagine for a minute , A young player 23 yrs old playing professional soccer in the MLS soccer league for the New York Red Bulls. His name is Danny Cepero . He sits his first season on the bench without playing. Then in the playoffs of the second season he gets to play as the regular goalie was suspended for substance abuse.
He plays a wonderful game , making many of great saves to take his team to a 3-1 win over the Columbus Crew. But the most astonishing feat was that he took a non penalty kick from deep in his own end and kicked it down field where it took the perfect bounce and went over the other goalkeeper into the net.
Wow your first game and you score a goal, and your not even a position player that will normally score a goal. Plus its your first game in 2 yrs.
If it was me I would be so nervous in my first game , not wanting to make a mistake. And to play great and do this once in a career feat. What a thrill.
It just shows keep plugging along when you set your goal (pun not intended) to do something in life. Work hard and when you get a opportunity go out and do your best. Not all things work out this great but if you are where your suppose to be and you get the chance things will work out somewhat good. Talent and hard work is what makes great athletic plays. And in this case a bit of a fortunate bounce.

Ok till next time I kick this around.

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That was amazing! wml