Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Whats the oposite of selfish? Thinking of Others. And at Christmas time the best way to think of others is to give of your time , money , or talents. Thats exactly what the concert was about last night at the Royal theatre. It was the 30th annual Naden band Christmas concert helping out the Salvation Army Toy drive. The concept was to buy a ticket for a small charge $5. and bring a unwrapped toy to donate to the Salvation army so that they could help parents that are struggling at Christmas to put something under the tree. The concert was great with a good selection of Christmas carols and other songs by the band. And what a pile of toys that were collected. Just think little brian or susie will wake up Christmas and not expect anything because maybe mom lost her job , or Dad has spent too much of his paycheck on addictions. Kids know when there isnt enough money to go around. And there will be some thing for them. It wont solve all their problems but there is a bit of hope now .

Every year My wife and I join some family members and friends and go for dinner and then to the concert. It sort of marks our Christmas to a start. And just knowing you have helped others makes it worth while. So help out someone else this Christmas and feel good. And next year if you can check out the concert you wont regret it . Maybe you can start a tradition of attending every year too.

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