Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another weird site

How many times have you searched the internet for something to find a weird site. Well now ive found the weird site of all. its called
Oddee.com a Blog on Oddities. http://www.oddee.com/

Some of the posts are like;
10 Crazy Old Christmas Ads

Another 12 Hilarious Tombstones
10 Most Unique Lakes of our World
15 Most Creative Bus Ads
15 Misspelled Signs
and the one i liked the best

Cool Bus Stops around the World

Hope you checked these out lots of fun. If you have enjoyed my blog postings please email me and let me know. (Don't want to get discouraged) And mention it to your friends too so Im not just doing it for 10 people maybe a couple more. And join as a follower or comment on a particular blog.

ok till next time

1 comment:

Benjamin Madison said...

That's a site you can waste an hour on, easily!