Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sean Avery outburst

Well I guess you have all heard of the Sean Avery outburst before his team the Dallas Stars were playing the Calgary flames. He spoke out about a flame player and his former girlfriend. I wont repeat what he said but it was not appropriate. The NHL is in the process to suspend him and the Dallas stars have said that they would have if the nhl didint. So whats that got to do with me and this blog. Well its a good reminder for me while I write this blog that I should watch what I say about people as I talk about things, people and circumstances in this blog from the Sidelines. As I say in my description of the blog I plan to write about observing things from the sidelines of life. Well a good reminder for me to be careful. ok thats it adios amigos.

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wml said...

A good reminder for all of us to watch what we say. Contrary to the old rhyme, words can hurt. Once it is spoken, and heard, it can never be taken back. Thanks for the reminder. wml