Friday, December 12, 2008

Wrong Lyrics

Did you ever change the words to a song? I am home today from work with a cold and I sing this now as have many times before, I'll be sick for Christmas. But not changing the words on purpose but as CBC now has a thing for people to write in they're mistakes on lyrics without knowing. I know especially when you are young you get these mixed up.

Our son's friend was practicing for a Christmas concert and was singing " Little Donkey , Hairy Mary" instead of carry Mary. And I use to listen to my Scottish Grandmother sing " Mares eat oates, and does eat oates, and little lambs eat ivy, a kid will eat ivy too wouldn't you." Well I always thought she was saying some Scottish word called kideleativy. Now sing that as one word.
On CBC someone wrote in that the song Hold me closer tiny dancer by Elton John and was used in a sitcom on tv starring Tony Danza. Well this person grew up thinking the words were Hold me closer Tony Danza.

There are so many examples of these, But sometimes we keep singing the wrong way cause we don't know yet that it is wrong. Well what are your mistakes. comment on here and lets hear them. Ok till next time


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