Thursday, July 9, 2009

A bit better

This morning started out after a continental breakfast at the hotel then out to Clovermead Honey Bee farm. We saw a brochure of it and thought it would be something neat to see. Got to see quite a few hives up close from either behind a window or a screen.

Had a couple of kittens follow us around there alot and just looked at the old buildings and animals too. Its a great place to bring kids with along with the learning thing about bees there is a big sandbox to play in and some really neat ride on toys for all ages.

But the reason for Ontario was the Canadian Horseshoe championship and my second day of playing. Well I played worse with only shooting about 33% but I won 2 games not like yesterday when I won 1. so I sit in 7 th spot (boo) with only 4 games to play. Gonna have to finish strong with 4 straight wins tomorrow to hope to win anything. But having a great time and meeting many new friends.

Ok last day playing tomorrow .

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