Monday, July 6, 2009

A full day

A full day today in Stratford Ont. We had a wonderful breakfast at the B&B, Then we went to town shopping.
I wasn't planning on buying much but I did get 4 shirts and a small present for my sister for Christmas. Bev bought a Christmas ornament, A charm of a swan for her bracelet, some clothing and a couple other things.
Well we had lunch in a spot called the Tango , reminded me of another Tango in Victoria years ago, but it was just a restaurant this one.
One of the shops is really interesting as there are 4 cats that live in the store and yes I believe they own it. They just do as they please as you see in the pictures.

We went back to the B&B for a short rest after that day of shopping but I did take a few breaks while shopping as you see here.

The night was interesting as Stratford is a Theatre town and because it was monday nite there were no plays. Except one at the local highschool. It was put on by 6 young people while one guy was very talented and directed , changed sets, was in all the acts and even sold us our ticket at the beginning. It was 4 separate plays by Tennessee Williams and put together and called Death of a Fat man on a ferry to Paradise. It was very well acted but the subject matter was provocative. The only downside of the play was poor attendance as there were only about 10 people. With the young people putting in so much effort to put this on and no one to watch it.

Well tomorrow new towns Godrich , St.Mary's and St. Thomas.

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Katney said...

I decided to stop by because I hadn't for some time and hadn't seen you at Odd Shots. I see you are on vacation. Looks like you are haveing a great time.

I've only seen cats in used bookstores, where they seem to be the norm.

Anonymous said...

Heh Tom and Bev:

Looks like you're having a great time! Hope the present was from this sister (hee hee). Enjoy the rest of your holiday


wml said...

Glad you are enjoying yourselves. I love live amature theatre. Too bad about the poor attendance. Wish I could take my furry purry and hairless woof with me to work! Have fun and come home safe.
PS almost had an outdoor service Sunday...doors locked! Roger (who technically was on vacation) did not have a key, but he found someone who did...saved the day!

postie said...

yes Lois it is a present for you. No more hints you have to wait till Christmas.