Sunday, July 12, 2009

Home at last

Well we finished off the trip with our visit to Brantford to have lunch with a young couple who use to go to our church and now live in Brantford. They are getting married in 3 weeks and It being our 29th wedding anniversary we celebrated with a great feast at Red Lobster.

After that we drove back to Aylmer but not before trying to find a place in Scotland Ontario for tea and coffee. We could not find a restaurant or a coffee place there. (its such a small place). So I can proudly say you cant get a coffee in Scotland.

Arriving at Alymer to watch the last few games of the Men's A division and then the wind up banquet. A lovely banquet and the food was great. I had mentioned last year at Calgary when the lady was organising this years tournament not to do what others had for the banquet with paper plates and plastic forks.
Well she listened to me and mentioned it to me when I first arrived that there was going to be plates and good cutlery at the banquet. Well sometimes people listen.

Now the last and most tiring leg of the journey was coming home. We left the banquet Saturday nite at 10:30pm. Drove to Toronto but not before feeling tired we stopped at a rest area for 15mins of eye rest and a bit of sleep. Then back on the road again and arrived at our hotel at 1:15AM. Dropped off the rental car at the same place as our hotel , climbed into bed and then up again at 600am (just around 4 hrs of sleep). Then a quick breakfast, shuttle to the airport, check in, security , and then boarding the flight for a 5 hr trip. It was so nice to see the mountains when we flew into BC and the ocean around the Airport.

Picked up by a friend to give us a ride home and there we are in our own place at 1pm Sunday. Remember we only arrived at the hotel at 1am the nite before for sleep. (gained 3 hrs traveling west). so in all took 15 hrs from arriving in Toronto, to get home.

Ok back to work tomorrow 75 days to go.

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