Friday, July 10, 2009

Its all over

I finished my last day at the Canadian Horseshoe pitching Championships and played 3 good games and one horrible game. ended up with 3wins and 1 loss for a final record of 6 wins 8 losses. A not too good showing for me but had a great time. Had a good bunch of guys in
our group and looking forward to getting another crack at
these guys another time.

After finishing today my wife and I drove to Port Stanley and did some more browsing, shopping and had dinner there. A drive to Port Bruce and then to Port Burwell then back to St. Tho
mas and our motel.

Tomorrow we are planning on meeting some friends in Brantford for lunch. ok later

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wml said...

Oh well, you have to give someone else a chance to win once in a while. Sounds like you ended up pretty strong. You will get even next time.
Glad you are having a good trip. Now hurry home and get those burgers bought...dinner at your place Wednesday don't forget!
Miss you. Travel safe.
And if the friends are the Reids, say HI from me