Sunday, July 5, 2009

Friendly People

Today we went to the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship church and then to the lone star restaurant for lunch with our son's fiances parents. Had a nice time and a good visit during lunch.

Then we drove to the town of Stratford. Checked into our bed and breakfast where we will call home for 2 nites.Its a very nice place Called the Birmingham Manor. After settling in we went for a walk along the river on one side crossed over the bridge and started to walk back he other side. We heard some music from up the hill in a park and went to investigate. We found a bandshell with a 70's rock band playing. Apparently its put on every sunday evening with different bands . The people we met are so friendly here in Stratford.

As a matter of fact a couple sitting next to us at our dinner restaurant. We got chatting and they discovered that we were walking back to our bed and breakfast about 8 blocks and it had started to rain, wind and thunder and lightning so they offered us a ride back. By the time we left the restaurant it had stopped but we took the ride anyway. Good thing it started to rain on the drive there.

We left them our name and phone number and told them if they ever make it to Victoria we would show them around.

Well enough for now . tomorrow we hit the shops and explore more of the town. nite.

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