Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Me, my wife and Beny

Well today another day with a bit of driving. We left the B&B in Stratford after a wonderful breakfast. Then loaded up the Beny (the rental car with the license plate (BENY-956)) with our luggage. Drove about a hour out of our way north to the cute town of Goderich. We were there 2 yrs ago and wanted to go back. It is only one of two towns in North America that the heart of the city is designed with a octagon shape park with streets going off in angles like spokes on a wheel. The other town is Washington DC.

It was quite cold and with our bags packed and feeling cold we literally wore clothes right of the rack. Bev got a magenta hoodie and I wearing shorts had to get some new pants. Got these in the Bargain Bargain bargains store. great deals too.

Did some browsing in the other stores then down
for a short drive along the beach of Lake Huron and then up to the top of the hill at the pub for a much too big lunch.

Next a drive to St. Marys and had coffee and a short walk to see the river, falls , and a lifeguarded swimming beach in the quarry.

Finally we arrived in St. Thomas booked into our hotel and then checked out the facility for the tournament. In Aylmer we saw a few Amish fo
lks heading for a tuesday night meeting. This last fellow was not walking but driving his horse drawn Carriage.

Well tomorrow is the Opening Ceremonies for the Canadian Horseshoe championships. And I play at 5pm. you can find it all listed here .

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