Saturday, July 18, 2009

Paint in

Well today was the Moss st. Paint-in. It is put on by the Greater Victoria Art Gallery and it has lots of well know artists and not so well know ones that put up stalls all the way along Moss st. As you see in the picture It has a great turn out with the street just teeming with people.

The art was very well done and almost all of was recognisable of what they were painting. But the odd one I have no idea what it was.

After that we went to one of our favorite places to get something to eat. The Willows Fish and Chips. We take it down to the edge of Willows beach and sit in the truck with the radio on and enjoy it.

Coming home watched the 3rd round of the British Open golf tournament on TV. I had recorded it from earlier today. What a story the leader with one round to go is 59 yr old Tom Watson. He will be 60 in 2 months. Also for most of the round a young 29 yr old son of Miami Dolphin fame Dan Marino. The son's name is Steve. Well all of golf I'm sure is cheering for Watson to win. What a good story.

Well have to wait for tomorrow to see who wins. But a exciting finish is in store and yes no Tiger Woods he missed the cut for a rare time.

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