Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Travelling in Winter part 2

Well last blog I told you about the avalanche control delay we ran into on the Salmo Creston pass. Well another delay just a hour later. We were travelling to Cranbrook to meet up with my son and we had told him we were a hour away. Then all of a sudden another delay. What this time?
The flag girl told us around the corner was an accident and that the delay would be at least 2hr wait. No phone service in the area. So no contact to tell my son that we were delayed yes again.

We took a walk to view the accident and there was
a large truck that the driver had missed the curve and almost went over the steep bank. The only thing holding it there was the tires gripping onto the barrier to stop cars from going over the bank.

As you can see the delay was not for the truck but for the tow trucks in the way. After the highway dept. spent a hour or more to asses the situation they finally called for a crane. They re hooked the truck with another tow truck from behind and cleared the way to release the traffic. All in all the delay was shorter than expected for us on 1 1/2 hrs.

Well more from the trip later.

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wml said...

How terrifying for the driver. Thank God He kept that truck from going over!