Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trade deadline

Check out tsn's coverage of the deadline

Well tomorrow is the NHL trade deadline. It happens at 3pm est. The past 3 seasons have witnessed 25 trades as the contenders look for the missing piece to get them the Stanley Cup. And the lower teams trade personal that is deemed to be not needed as they are going in another direction( rebuilding with youth). There are 107 players in the league right now that have been traded in the 24 hr window of the trade deadline.

With my team as of now in the playoffs. I hope that the Vancouver canucks can acquire an top 6 forward and a good puck moving defenseman. With that said, I don't want them to mortgage the future by giving away too many prospects or draft choices.

Its an interesting time for fans and media to watch. But it must be hell on the players. Imagine having to up and move because someone else decided for you. And your family, especially your kids would not be impressed to leave their friends.

Well let me know what you think and lets chat about any trade the canucks or any other team does. ok chat soon

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