Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dinner in Medicine Hat

Well since both our boys and our nephew just had a birthday earlier this year we decided to go out for dinner together on this trip and celebrate. we went to a new restaurant in the area but I wont reveal the name for certain reasons. This restaurant had just opened and was quite popular but when we got there, we got to our table right away.

Our order was taken. Of 6 of us 3 got our meals first then the other 3 came a while later. One of the first one had a ice cold baked potato. One soup never showed up. So it wasn't going too well here. After the waitress made excuses and apologised we finally had the manager come to our table and say he was sorry. He came by again and said how sorry he was again for the mix up. Then the third time he said that he would pay for dessert for all of us. And top of that he was taking 50% off of the bill. So a bill that would have totaled $140 or more ended up costing us only $59.

So with that the manger said he wanted us to come back again and hoped we would. Well we didn't tell him we were from out of town. But it was a chain restaurant so I'm sure we will see that one again some time. After the generous offer I'm sure I would try it again. Not a bad celebration total anyway. We also did enjoy ourselves.

Ok till next time

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