Friday, March 13, 2009

Sports Equiptment #1

This is a series of blogs about sports equipment. Today I want to talk about baseball bats. Have you noticed last year and if you have watched any baseball this year that baseball bats are breaking at a alarming rate. Why? Why? Well I have listened to the experts talk about that they are using maple bats and it is different from the old bats. And that they have to find out how to hold the bat . Like in the old days you had the label up so the grain was correct as not to crack the bat. Now they say it has to be down or 33 degrees clockwise and all kind of different suggestions. But still lots and lots of bats breaking. And its getting dangerous.

Then I hear a really good commentary on how the ratio between the length and weight of the bat can not differ from 3.5 to keep the integrity of the strength of the bat. Well that sound good but then I hear that a lot of players are then shaving their bats at the handle for better grip and less weight. Of course the bat started with a ratio of 3.5 then became larger ratio because all of a sudden the bat weighs less. And you guessed it the bat is breaking. Well quit doing that . leave the bats alone. And the teams start telling the players not to do this. Or the league make it a rule that you cant do this.

What is everyone waiting for till someone gets killed with a splinter of a bat before they do something. Well that's my rant for today. till next time ball !!

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