Monday, March 16, 2009

Traveling in Winter

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Well this week our family was travelling in BC, to get together as a family. Of course we had a few interesting things happen. I will tell you a few in this and the next few blogs.

On one day we were in the town of Castlegar and woke up to snow. Of course we had to travel over one of the toughest mountain passes in the area. We checked the web cam on the bc highway web site and it was snowing quite alot. As not trave
lled that pass in the winter before I was a bit leary. Would we get stuck? Would it be closed ? and many other things passed thru my mind.

Well we started out. snow coming down a lot but we were still moving and not a lot of traffic. Now I'm wondering why not a lot of traffic. It was Sunday morning so I decided that was it not that it was unsa
fe. We made it to the top and what do we find but a line up before we head down. It just so happens that they are doing avalanche control and delays up to 2 hrs. So there we wait.

Well it only took 1/2 hr and then we were let go. It went quite uneventful on the way down and that part of the trip was now accomplished. But there was a bit of nail biting and prayer as we were on the first part going up not knowing how bad it would get. But now that it was done. A piece of cake. Tomorrow I will tell you about a even more interesting event on that drive.

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Katney said...

It does not surprise me that the BC passes are still experiencing snowfall and avalanche control as we are too here in your neighbor to the south. We will travel the pass on the first day of spring. I hope the weather realizes that day that winter is over.

wml said...

Thankfully I do not remember the trip, but mom told me about a time when we were little that they travelled through the Rockies in winter. First they got turned around - nobody allowed through without chains. Back to town, chains on, back up the mountain again.
As dad passed the checkpoint where he was told to go back...he turned to waive to the officer. Mom shouted just in time. Dad was about to miss a turn and drive straight over a cliff! Thankfully he made the curve and we made the rest of the trip safely enough.
I have not driven through the mountains since I was a kid. I just remember looking out my window and seeing a sheer drop...can't bring myself to go back! Especially in winter!