Sunday, March 1, 2009

Favorite Bible story?

Well today is Sunday, and after church I'm sitting here thinking about what to write about today. Well this is what I thought. The bible has all kinds of interesting and exciting stories about how people interact with other people and how they interact with God too. So I was wondering what your favorite bible story was. Just click on the comments below this post and tell me. Is it the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors. Or Daniel in the Lion's den. Maybe its David defeating Goliath. Or of Moses as a baby being put in the basket and hidden in the river. How about the story of Job. There are lots of stories about Jesus too. How he turned water into wine, raised someone from the dead, even Jesus discussion with the Samaritan women at the well.

You get the idea. Tell me yours. Not through an email but through the comment section here so everyone else can see what story you like and you can read theirs too.

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Katney said...

There are so many that I can't choose. There would be a number of criteria for choosing. Is it the "story-ness" of the story? the most poetic? the one that moved you the most? the one that still has you squirming a bit because of what is behind it--the meaning underneath that points out whaere you fall short? The more I study the Bible, the more I realize the layers of meaning in the stories.

There are two that I enjoy for reading aloud--one just for the resonance and repetition of the words: the crossing of the Red Sea with the repetitions of "...pharoah and all his chariots and charioteers..."

The other because of the clear narrative dialogue and "storytelling-ness" of it: from the Book of Samuel when Samuel as a child was being called to by God and kept waking up Eli because he thought Eli was calling him.

postie said...

Thanks Katney for the comments. Yes it is hard to pick just one story. And yes as in the samuel story it shows that God does have a sense of humour too. God Bless